Suitability Questionnaire

Start here: 

  1. Relief ShipCan you affirm that you are applying on behalf of a 501(c)(3) and provide documentation as such?
  2. If yes, what percentage of your budget is spent on programs, as opposed to overhead (staff salaries, rent, etc.)? May we see a detailed breakdown of your annual spending? Please note that we rarely consider applicants whose programs account for less than 70% of their spending.
  3. How does your organization complement or help to fulfill our mission?
  4. Has your charity been listed by Guidestar or ranked on Charity Navigator? Please submit a link to your page on the relevant non-profit database if so.

If you feel you can capably answer the above questions, proceed to our GRANT APPLICATION GUIDELINES.

Grant Application Guidelines

Prospective Applicants, 

The following is a starting point from which to structure your application. You need not answer every question in order when you submit a proposal, but each element must be addressed adequately for a gift to be considered.

  1. We give to organizations with sensible, sustainable systems of governance. Describe the structure of your board, staff, and volunteers. Who is paid, unpaid, full-time, part-time, etc.? How do you recruit members to your board?
  2. Describe your fundraising strategy. How do you solicit donations? Who makes up your primary donor base? 
  3. How do you plan to move forward and make necessary changes to pre-existing procedures, policies, and strategies in light of the pandemic?
  4. Please describe the community you serve, including demographics, region, at-risk groups, etc.
  5. What other relevant grants have you received over the past three years? Who were their grantors? How, specifically, did you use these gifts?
  6. Which organizations, if any, has the RZF given to in the past that align with yours? How do your solutions or contributions differ from theirs?
  7. What specific endeavor or project would you like RZF to help you with? Is there a particular time of year when a gift would make the highest impact (e.g. matching fundraiser)?
  8. Please attach or enclose 
    1. an up-to-date copy of your bylaws
    2. documentation of your 501(c)(3) status
    3. a detailed budget from the past year