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rz-medalsFormed by three related families in 2002, the RZ Foundation is a family foundation located in Northern Virginia. Its projects and charitable giving reflect the varied interests of its original and current Board members, who have spanned three generations. At the heart of the RZ Foundation’s philosophy of giving is the idea that it is our duty to “mend the world.” By providing workshops educating the public and private industry about sustainable sources of energy and encouraging development of “green” technology, we aim to improve the physical state of our world. By supporting international, national and local charities and by involving underprivileged young adults in competitive sports in our community, we hope to improve the lives of some of the people in it. Thus, from the global to the local level, the RZ Foundation seeks to make a difference.

Publication of the 2015 Shelter Report was generously supported by the RZ Foundation and the U.S. Green Building Council… (more)